Something BIG is coming…!

It’s nearly that time of the year… Something BIG is coming soon…!!!


Bling your bike!

It was a cold and frosty start to the day today, which made it all the more impressive that over oneRead the Rest »


Whizzy Wednesday Club

It was an early start for a group of children on Wednesday this week. They arrived at Whizzy Wednesday club atRead the Rest »


Leeson House final day

We awoke with the first glimmers of daylight (this is one heck of an energetic year group!) to find most ofRead the Rest »


Leeson House – Day 2

Day 2!! ┬áStudland to do some sand sculptures and learn about longshore drift, Pond dipping to investigate the marine population allRead the Rest »


The Superhero Mermaid

Another moment of lovely learning this afternoon!! Not only did one of our impressively dressed young ladies come to see meRead the Rest »