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Clubs and Activities

After School Clubs

We offer a number of school clubs after the end of the day.  Activities vary from term to term, but will usually include a range of choices of both sporting and creative activities.  Full details of the clubs are available in the information below.  Spaces in each club are limited, and places are confirmed to parents shortly after the closing date for returns. 

click here for our Spring clubs letter

External Clubs

We do allow a number of external organisations to use our facilities to provide clubs for the children.  Currently both Champion Football and TeamTheme Dodgeball are available, please ask at the school office for contact details.

Music Lessons

We are pleased that we will be continuing to offer our paid instrument lessons in 2023-24. These are available to children in Years 3 -6 and cover a range of instruments, including woodwind, piano, violin and guitar. Lessons take place during the school day, and are available as individual or small group lessons - the full range and instruments and prices are listed in the letter below.

If you would like your child to learn any of these instruments, please fill in the letter below and return it to the school office. You will then be contacted directly by the music teacher.

Click here for the Instruments Letter