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Year 5

We are Willow Class and Olive Class.



Willow Class is taught by Miss Malleson.

Mrs Motton teaches Willow Class on a Thursday after break.

Miss Malleson's favourite animal is a cute and cheeky little cocker spaniel called Oscar (her parents' dog). Her favourite ice cream is pistachio and her hobbies are tennis and piano playing. 


She has been teaching for 14 years and her favourite thing about teaching is seeing a child overcome a challenge - and she doesn't just mean a maths problem.


Our support staff are called Mrs Allen, Mrs Jessop,  Mrs Page and Mrs Pryke. 

The best word to describe them as a team is compassionate


In Willow Class we really enjoy times when we work with our friends.  If we can sneak a few minutes of free time and free choice to learn, love or laugh together you will find us in the playground running around (and often with a football).


Our class novel is currently a collection of Greek Myths. We are reading this because we were interested in them as we learnt about some of them last year.



Olive Class is taught by Mr Gale.

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