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Year 2

We are Beech Class and Elm Class.


Beech Class is taught by Mrs Matthews (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) and Mrs Hudson (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday).

Mrs Matthews favourite animal is a dog - she has a Frenchie called Frankie who is absolutely crazy! Her favourite ice cream is salted caramel and her hobbies are reading and walking. She has been teaching for 24 years. Mrs Matthews is very 'On trend' and you will see her sporting the latest fashion around school. 

Mrs Hudson loves musical theatre and going for beach walks with her family. She has been teaching for 9 years after running her own musical theatre school in Surrey for children aged 6-18. She loves any opportunity to put on a show at school! Her favourite thing about school is the supportive environment amongst staff and children here at Sandford.

Mrs Hudson says 'Hi!'


Mrs Shipton supports the teaching and learning in Beech Class. On a Wednesday afternoon Mrs Motton teaches Beech Class. We are very lucky to have such a wonderful team of teachers and support staff. The best words to describe us as a team are friendly and approachable.

In Beech Class we really enjoy celebrating each others achievments.  If we can sneak a few minutes of free time and free choice to learn, love or laugh together you will find us involved with listening to music and having a boogie!

Our class novel is currently Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator. We are reading this because we are working our way through novels by Roald Dahl .


Elm Class is taught by Miss Walker.

Miss Walker loves to dance and trained as a dancer in London before she became a primary school teacher. She has been teaching now for 6 years and is known for her infectious laugh! She has two dogs in her life, Parker and Obi. She loves spending time with her family and exploring new places. Her favourite thing about Sandford is learning all about the children and watching them flourish as they progress through our school.

Mrs Derham and Mrs Crook both support the teaching and learning in Elm Class. On a Wednesday afternoon Mrs Oliver teaches Elm Class. 

Elm Class really enjoy praising one another! Our class motto is 'Every mistake you make, teaches you a better way forward' (Neil Armstrong 👨‍🚀). If we can sneak a few minutes of free time and free choice to learn, love or laugh together you will find us throwing some shapes and getting our groove on in the classroom!

Our class novel is currently The Naughtiest Unicorn. It is hysterically funny and we can't wait for the next chapter.

The thing we love best about Sandford St Martin's is the sheer enthusiasm we give every individual, as well as providing varied opportunities for children to achieve their full potential.