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Year 1

We are Ash Class and Bay Class.


Ash Class is taught by Mr Sampson.

Mr Sampson’s favourite animal is a binturong… have you ever seen one? His favourite flavour of ice cream is rum and raisin although he is also partial to a blackcurrant sorbet, yum! Mr Sampson’s hobbies include rock climbing, playing golf (trying to) and getting out and about in nature. He loves exploring the Purbecks and the New Forest with his family and he can often be found climbing trees, looking for interesting flora and fauna or rolling down a hill.  

Mr Sampson has been teaching for 14 years and his favourite thing about school is helping children to be the best they can be (whilst having lots of fun in the process).

Our support staff member in Ash Class is Miss Wessely. The best word to describe her is ‘Artistic’. She is passionate about arts and crafts and leads the incredibly popular sketching club. She is also a bit of a Forest School whizz!


Ash Class have decided to describe themselves using an acrostic poem…

A – Always awesome and amazing

S – Superstar learners, Supportive, Sometimes silly 😊

H – Happy, hardworking, helping each other


In Ash Class we really enjoy having fun while we learn about all the curriculum subjects.  If we can sneak a few minutes of free time and free choice to learn, love or laugh together you will find us doing some colouring (often while singing one of our assembly songs or a song from our Christmas performance).

Our class novel is currently The Jolley-Rogers and the Cave of Doom. We are reading this because adventure stories are always exciting. There is also some wonderful description and vocabulary in this book that really captures our imaginations.

The thing we love best about Sandford St Martin's is … learning and having fun! We really do follow the school’s motto of ‘Learn, Love and Laugh’. 



Bay Class is taught by Miss Fallesen. 

Miss Fallesen's favourite animal is an elephant (she was lucky enough to see elephants in the wild). 

Her favourite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and her all time favourite food is cheese! She loves to travel and explore the world as well as all the amazing local places we have near. Her hobbies are rock climbing (especially with Mrs Benko-Robbins), yoga, paddle boarding or anything that involves being outside.          



She has been teaching for 11 years and her favourite thing about teaching is having lots of fun in the class and being a bit silly too! 

Our support staff are called Mrs Willis and Mrs Miller. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Dowthwaite supporting us in Bay Class too. 

The best word to describe them as a team is incredible

In Bay Class we really enjoy reading lots of different stories. We particulary love reading the Supertato stories...especially as we had our very own Evil Pea causing lots of trouble at Sandford!

Take a look at some of the crimes Evil Pea commited! 


We read so many books in Bay Class but some of our favourites are anything by Julia Donaldson (Miss Fallesen loves to act these out too), Dirty Bertie books, and anything that means we can be a little silly when we read. 

If we can sneak a few minutes of free time and free choice  to learn, love or laugh together you will find us exploring nature, doing some Stormbreaks or having a boogie to Disney songs!                                 


The thing Miss Fallesen loves best about Sandford St Martin's is how much fun we have together!