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Curriculum Overview

Our school curriculum implements the full National Curriculum/expectations for Early Years

  • Reception/Saplings
  • Key Stage One (Year 1-2)
  • Key Stage Two (Years 3-6)

We 'craft' our delivery to make strong learning links between subjects, whilst maintaining the skills and knowledge stipulated in each subject area. Teachers plan and prepare lessons with well-considered models, examples and potential misconceptions to support children from the outset.

We believe in a language-rich, accessible curriculum which is inclusive for all and ensures progression over time.

Children are encouraged to demonstrate what they can do; to grapple, discuss, unpack, consider, think, explore and connect their ideas and learning. Our curriculum has been designed to highlight and revisit the most important and essential core learning material in each subject to help it 'stick'.

"The curriculum is coherent and well sequenced. In most subjects, leaders have set out the knowledge they want pupils to learn as they progress through the curriculum."

Ofsted - November 2022


"Subject leaders are passionate about the subjects they lead. They have an accurate understanding of how teachers implement their subject across the school. Carefully chosen support means that subject leaders have the necessary skills to develop their curriculum with precision and confidence. Teachers have good subject knowledge in the subjects they teach. Staff in the early years are knowledgeable about the early years curriculum and how young children learn." Ofsted - November 2022

Ofsted, 2022



Education resources we choose to utilise

Reading and Writing:


Science, Humanities and RE:

Foundation Curriculum:


Below, you can find links to our detailed curriculum documents for each year group.