Year 3


Here is the Lilac class text map. Please try and practise the actions to remember the text over the half term. Mrs Driver may have forgotten all the actions over the half term so you will need to help her to remember them!



Here is our latest Hazel class text map. Please try and practise the words and actions over half term. Miss Colley will be expecting you to teach it to her when you return to school!


We are fully into the swing of term now in year 3 and we have just started our talk for writing. Hazel class were so enthusiastic about it they asked me to post a picture of our story map so they can practice at home. So here it is (please excuse the interesting art work). Hazel class maybe you can teach your family the words and actions!







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Champion football club Years 1-3

  December 2, 2016

Next Thursday 8th December, Year 3 & 4 have their Christmas Carols around the tree after school....