Year 2

Marwell Trip

It was another successful trip to Marwell Zoo!

Thank you so much to all the children for representing the school incredibly well in terms of their behaviour around the zoo. Thank you also to the parent helpers who joined us on the day and made the trip possible, and to the parents who offered to help but we weren’t able to take with us.

We managed to see a huge number of animals around the zoo and speak to a few of the keepers who gave us lots of interesting information about some of the animals.  We also visited the Learning Centre to get hands on with some animal artifacts and complete a workshop about the different habitats in which animals live.  Children particularly enjoyed meeting Sally the New Guinea giant spiny stick insect.  The visit to Marwell is a highlight of the Summer term and really gets the children engaged with our ‘Habitats’ topic.

… Pictures to follow …



All tests are now completed. Well done to all the children for how well they took the tests in their stride.

The tests are part of our ongoing assessment of the children and the results will be taken into account when we form our end-of-year judgement of your child’s attainment in reading, writing and maths. These assessments will be shared as part of your child’s annual reports.

Learn-a-Joke Home Learning

We had a good chuckle at the jokes that the children had learnt.

Some children delivered their joke with timing and expression that was worthy of being on stage!!


Favourite jokes from Beech Class:

Q:  What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?

A:  Na-cho cheese!


Q:  How does a mouse feel after a bath?

A:  Squeaky clean


Poem Home Learning

Both Year 2 classes did a brilliant job of learning and reciting the Poem ‘April’.

Here it is in case you want to keep on practising:

Rain has such fun in April, it patters through the trees

  Talking to the leaf buds and robins that it sees

  It splashes through the puddles and skips along the walks

  Goes coasting down the grass blades and dandelion stalks

  It dips in all the flowers and when the clouds blow by

  It paints with flower colours a rainbow in the sky




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