We are always grateful to receive feedback and appreciate the time people take to let us know if there are things we could do better, or if there are things that we are doing right.  Here is a selection of some of the positive comments we have received about our practice:

Dear Mr Payne,

I felt compelled to write and let you know how truly remarkable some of your students were this weekend.  As you know a team of 11 children, 8 of which were Sandford students swam at the Lions event on Sunday …. together they raised over £800 but more amazing was their fantastic team spirit and brilliant behaviour.  One child swam with Tonsilitis and simply said ‘We’re doing it for —–!’  Another child did it straight after a stomach bug and many decided to go without armbands to show their determination.  The team cheered each other on after each length and ….. they showed courage, understanding and friendship beyond their years.  Please pass on our thanks.     Parent.   10/15.   (content of card shared with children in assembly that morning.  Happy children!)

Questionnaire Feedback:

Teaching seems to focus well on embedding core skills – reading, grammar, spellings/ times tables. Harley’s reading has rocketed since starting at Sandford. He’s always been keen to read at home, and always loved phonics at school, but it took solid support from teachers to move him along quickly.    Parent 01/16

To Sandford St. Martins,

I would just like to say a huge thank you to all who gave up their Saturday morning to let us have a look around your fantastic school.  A special thank you to the two young ladies who showed us around they were amazing advocates for the school and their natural enthusiasm shone through.  They were excited to tell us what they were currently learning and how the school routine and rules work.  On our tour it was lovely to see so many pupils who are really proud of the school.  My daughter was a little grumpy when we got to the school but soon became intrigued by all you had to show.  If she is offered a place for next year I have every confidence she will be very happy to attend your school.   Prospective Parent.  10/15

Shared on Facebook,

The boys seriously have the MOST awesome school!    Parent 02/16

Dear Mr Payne,

We have been so overwhelmed by the wonderful nurturing, supportive, caring, open and understanding environment that both yourself and the staff at Sandford have provided for us I just wanted to share our wonderful experience with others.  Many, many thanks again from the bottom of our hearts.    Parent.  10/15

Dear Mr Payne,

We love it. Thank you, thank you so much all of you. Our boy has been completely inspired by Sandford Primary school and so have we. He is so happy and when you are handing your children to someone else for the day most days the fact that they are happy is such a precious thing.   Parent 01/16

Dear Mr Payne,

Her Royal Highness The Countess of Wessex has asked me to thank you for welcoming and escorting her during her visit to open Sandford St. Martin’s Primary School.  It was a most interesting and enjoyable visit and a wonderful opportunity to see the excellent new facilities that you have.  It was a pleasure to meet with so many of your staff and pupils and to see how they are thriving in this state of the art learning environment.  Please pass on Her Royal Highness’s thanks to your team for making her so welcome.  Miss Sarah Sienesi, Lady in Waiting to HRH The Countess of Wessex.  09/15

Dear Mr Payne,
I would just like to take 5 minutes of your time to express my thanks to yourself and your staff.
After leaving the army this year and moving house 3 times in 2 months it has been a very turbulent time for myself and my family as you can imagine. My main concern (as it would be of any parent) was (is) my children. I was deeply concerned how they would cope with a new school and making new friends. However from the first time we visited your school my concerns were rapidly put to rest.  My boys love it!! Joining Whizzy Wednesday, Football Club and Book Club, gaining three stars and various other awards, me and my wife could not be prouder or happier. Once again I just wish to express a massive thanks to you and all of your staff.     Parent.  03/15

Dear Mr Payne,

It was an honour to share (the occasion of the Royal Visit) with you all.   It is a wonderful school, the children are a credit to you, and with the super facilities and commitment of yourself and your team, those children could not have a better start to their education and life skills.   Many congratulations on all you are achieving, and my very best wishes to you all for the future.  Marilyn Porter MVO, Civic and Lieutenancy Officer.  10/15

Dear Mr Payne,

Unfortunately, due to our house move —— will be starting at her new school on Thursday so Wednesday will be her last ever day at Sandford.  Sandford is a fabulous school and as a family we shall miss the staff,  parents but most importantly the children from here very much. We wish you all the best in the future and will look back upon ——‘s time here as an excellent start to her eduction.     Parent.  09/15

Dear Mrs Pampin,

Thank you so very much for all your help with ——.  Your commitment to finding the cause of his problems truly helped in getting the help he needed.  Dr. ——- praised the school for your report and this information sped up the process enormously.  We are truly grateful for this and who knows what could have been if he didn’t get the scan when he did.  Thank you so very much.  Parent. 06/15

Facebook Review:

Lovely school ! My little girl is so happy here. Beautiful buildings all bright & cheerful & the staff are amazing !    Parent. 10/15

Dear Mr Payne,

I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” for the wonderful day that you helped to organise.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole occasion.  It was very warm and welcoming and very well organised.  From witnessing the reactions of the Governors, staff and the children, you obviously have a very happy school.  This was my first visit since the school build was completed, I was given a conducted tour and I was very impressed, the whole premises has this wonderful “feel good” factor.  Please extend my gratitude to the Governors and staff for my invitation and for making me feel so welcome.  It was a very special day and I will tell the Parish Council all about it at our next meeting.  Many thanks.    David Hopkins.   (Vice Chair of Wareham St. Martin Parish Council). 09/15

Dear Mr Payne,

I just wanted to say congratulations on hosting such a terrific event yesterday at your school.  I thoroughly enjoyed the opening and it was a pleasure to see the children savouring something which I am sure they will never forget. Everyone without fail was so helpful so please do pass on my thanks to everyone for making such a memorable day.  You and your staff have something very special at the school and you can all be very proud.  Many thanks.  Mark Unsworth (District Councillor – St Martin ward, Purbeck District Council)  09/15

Dear Mr Payne,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the dedication shown towards ——– during her primary school years, in particular after hours maths tuition, Code Club, sports activities and dealing with playground incidents in a meaningful way.  She is full of admiration and praise for the school, and will no doubt be in tears when the reality of leaving sinks in.  I can only comment; You, the Staff, the Governors, PTA and helpers have gone above and beyond to ensure the children got the best from their early years.  Thank you once again.  Parent.  07/15

Dear Mr Payne,

We would like to thank you for all your hard work and that of all your teachers and support staff.  —– has surprised us with his leadership qualities and acting abilities this year, we’ve always believed in him but he has responded far more to his teachers’ comments.  We know that great teaching becomes inspirational with a great headteacher and —– tells us that he models himself on you!  He wants to become a primary school teacher and we know he can do it, but watch out he may be after your job in 20 years time!  Parent.  07/15

And every so often…..  we get a cracker direct from one of the children.  Something that comes from nowhere and just lights up our day.  Here’s a favourite from recent years:

Child runs down corridor, voice an octave higher than normal, incredibly excited to share some secret news – ‘Mr Payne, Mr Payne, my Mum and Dad played a trick on you!!

Mr Payne:  ‘Really?  What was that?

Child:  ‘Well, they told you that I was going for an appointment in hospital yesterday, but really we went and spent the day in Legoland!!’