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Lockdown video May 2020


From February 8th to 12th 2016, our primary school community immersed themselves in a week of learning inspired by and based on the ‘Where the heck is Matt? 2012’ film.

We talked philosophy, we tasted food from around the world, we rocked our socks, we worked in mixed age teams, we solved problems, we played sports from global cultures, we found new ways to communicate, we contributed individually weaved panels into a large mosaic image of the world, we challenged our knowledge and preconceptions, we explored geography, we danced and we were proud to have a direct phone conversation with actual Matt Harding, live all the way from Canada.

We learned a lot about ourselves and others, we explored Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural issues and we produced this film about our whole community as a memory of our wonderful week.

We would like to say a massive thank you to Matt Harding for his generosity and kindness in talking to us so personally and for inspiring us to see the world in a different way. We hope this film inspires you also.