World War Two Exhibition

Date: December 11, 2013

By: Mrs Warner

Category: Celebration, Community, Hawthorn, KS2, Olive, Parents, Performance, Phase 3, Pupils' Work, Visitor, Willow

Last Thursday Phase 3 came together to give the parents a taster of what we’ve been getting up to this past term.

We started off with a performance of some war time songs. ‘Hey Little Hen’ was a definite favourite of the children and we had some class solos in The White Cliffs of Dover.



Each class also performed a dance for the parents. After the shock of having to dance with a girl!! the boys worked really hard to master the dance so that they could lead their partner.


We thought it would be good to give the parents a taste of what we have learned about WWII so we gave them a little quiz. I think some of them found it quite tricky. (Luckily they had their children with them to help them out on some of the answers!)


Overall we had a lovely afternoon showing off our learning and we hope parents enjoyed it too.

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