Date: November 1, 2015

By: Mr Payne

Category: Community, Lunchtime, News, Parents, School Admin, Whole School

Don’t forget that tomorrow is an INSET Day – so there’s still one whole day of holiday left!!

Looking forward to seeing everyone back in school on Tuesday, can you believe there are now only 30 days left until the start of December? This means we are into the colder and wetter months so please make sure your children come to school with warm and waterproof coats – we like them to go outside as much as we can at breaktimes, even if it’s mildly raining because the fresh air is really important. Thanks for your support with this.

While we’re thinking about uniform etc. Please check inside all your child’s clothes to make sure everything is named – even if it’s just written on the label with an indelible marker. You would not believe how much lost property we go through that does not have a name inside – if there’s a name, we can return it to the rightful owner.

Enjoy the last day and a half!

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