World Mental Health Day

Date: October 10, 2017

By: Miss Stang

Category: Hawthorn, KS2, Year 4

Shavasana yoga pose IMG_2274 IMG_2275Today, to mark World Mental Health day classes were taking part in some mindfulness activities. Year 4 were focusing on ‘staying in the present moment’. We had a session on stones where we concentrated only on our stone for a full 2 minutes, trying our best to keep other thoughts out of our head. The pupils gave some very detailed responses about all the things they had noticed about their stones.

We then had lovely afternoon practicing some yoga poses to help us feel calm, relaxed and to help us empty our minds when they get too busy. Pupils said they felt very peaceful when we were finished. We finished with a ‘Shavasana’ pose, and then warmed our hands to put over our eyes. Here are some photos of pupils at the end of their session.

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