Investigating Numbers Challenge!

Date: October 2, 2013

By: Mrs Bolar

Category: Lilac, Maths, Phase 2

Lilac class had great fun last week investigating the value of numbers in maths. Some children were set the challenge of finding out what was the value of a number by partitioning the number into Hundreds, Tens and Units. Using the Dienes apparatus helped some children to quickly understand what each number was worth and soon the children were able set each other some number value challenges.



Another group of children had been set a challenge where they had to make the highest number using only three or four numbers. This meant they had to carefully think where to place the number in order to win the challenge.


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At the end of the investigation, all children were confidently working on place value of numbers, with some surprising themselves how much fun numbers could be! Great work Lilac Class, keep it up!



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