World War 2 Topic Revealed!

Date: September 10, 2013

By: Mrs Symons

Category: Hawthorn, History, Music, Olive, Phase 3, Willow

Phase 3 had an exciting start to the new school year last week as we have been immersing ourselves in our new topic – World War II. The children played history detectives, using different clues to discover what the topic was and reflect on why the particular pictures, music and letters and been chosen to represent the topic.

We had fantastic discussions about what the children already knew about World War II and what they would like to find out. Following this we all had a go at placing World War II in a history timeline. Wartime music also formed a part of the introduction to our topic this week and we kicked off our learning about wartime music with some enthusiastic singing as you can see in the videos below!

Hawthorn class were particularly excited on entering their lesson to the sounds of Glen Miller’s ‘In the Mood’ and could not help dancing! What a wonderful start to the term, we are really looking forward to getting more stuck in!

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  1. Penny Dennis says

    October 1, 2013 at 9:28 am

    How lovely that the children in phase 3 have the opportunity to cook. What would be even nicer if they could have a go at home. Would you be able to publish the recipe details on the website somewhere