We’ve been on a bear hunt!

Date: September 29, 2017

By: Mr Sanderson

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Today, having thought about what we might need to take with us, we have been on a bear hunt!

We went through the long wavy grass of our lovely school field and through the gloomy cave at the Corfe Hills.

We took a few items with us, based on the children’s ideas from the week. We took nets, sandwiches, bags and a few more snacks (food is very important when on a bear hunt).

We searched for a long time and found a number of clues around the school such as bear footprints.

After some time our amazing sapling super-sleuths found a bear hiding amongst the long grass at the back of our school field.

The children have all really enjoyed our work on the bear hunt and we hope that they are telling you all about their adventures at home.

IMG_4626 IMG_4633 IMG_4634

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