Reading is Golden 

Date: July 6, 2015

By: Mrs Pampin

Category: Celebration, English, Golden Time, KS1, KS2, Phonics, Pupils' Work, Reading, Rewards, Whole School, Writing

A group of keen readers came visiting recently to suggest the addition of a Book Club to our whole school Golden Time on Friday afternoons. They suggested options of curling up somewhere cosy to read their favourite book, talking about stories with their friends or games and activities related to their favourite books; crosswords, writing book reviews and character descriptions or making book character puppets to retell stories. With the help of Mrs Oliver, they organised the activities for our first ever Golden Time Book Club. We are very excited that over 80 children have chosen this option over the last two weeks, proving to be as popular as ‘Bring Your Own Toy’ and ‘Outdoor Sport’! This week will be our last whole school Golden Time for this year but Book Club has proved so popular we will continue this option into the Autumn Term.



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