Butterfly count!

Date: July 19, 2013

By: Mrs Bolar

Category: Bay, Hazel, Lilac, Phase 2, Science, Visitor

Phase 2 had a fun morning counting the number of different types of butterflies around our school with the help of Catherine Mason, The Munching Caterpillars’ Project Officer. Catherine had visited the school in the Spring Term and helped the children plant some plants at the front of our school that would encourage butterflies and moths. We were delighted when she told us that she had spotted some butterflies on her arrival to the school.

Before we went out to do our butterfly count Catherine showed us some butterfly and moth chrysalis that we found really interesting. The teachers were very impressed with the children when they were able to answer Catherine’s questions remembering facts from her last visit.


Next we went outside onto the field and began a butterfly count. We were amazed at the number of different butterflies we saw and how fast they moved.  You had to be quick and quiet, which was a challenge for some of us!





Did you spot the Meadow Brown? The children were able to bring home their Identification Chart so that they could continue butterfly counting, perhaps in their garden or elsewhere. If you would like some more information about The Big Butterfly Count you can go on the following website
www.munchingcaterpillars.org or on Twitter @foodplant.
Have fun counting!


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  1. Bev Lagden says

    September 17, 2013 at 11:50 pm

    My, then year 1, boy was straight on to the Munching Caterpillars website the evening he got the postcard and we did some counts over the summer. BCT have just reported and it was the biggest number of participants and a really good summer for butterflies http://butterfly-conservation.org/48-4480/hot-summer-helps-butterflies-bounce-back.html