Rock Your Socks!

As part of our ‘Where is Matt?’ week we joined in the world wide cause of ‘Rocking our Socks!’. This initiative was started by a 10 year old girl called Nathea in Sweden. Her older sister Noelle has Down Syndrome. Her reasoning was that; yes my sister is different, but different is good and different is fun! To highlight this she came up with the idea of wearing different non-matching socks to school and/or work to highlight how much fun different can be! The idea soon caught on and there were plenty of pictures on social media of police officers in different socks, school children with different socks, military horses on parade in different socks; the list goes on! 

On the 9th of February we all came to school wearing our different socks. We heard about Nathea and Noelle and talked about our differences and what was good about them. We also had a ‘sock drop’ from the Snug down to the Library. All that week children dropped their socks, donating towards our secret project. After half term we had plenty of volunteers who spent busy lunchtimes pinning and sewing until we had created a colourful quilt to always remind us how different is great and very beautiful. 

Thank you to our volunteers for helping with the sewing. Thank you to families for all the kind donations and finally a huge thank you to Mrs Tayler for sharing the project with us and making it all happen!  


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