A ‘marble-ous’ afternoon

Date: April 29, 2013

By: Miss Colley

Category: Celebration, Hawthorn, Phase 3, Pupils' Work, Rewards

Recently, Hawthorn class reaped the reward of lots of hard work. Throughout the past term the children earned a marble each time they showed positive attitudes, worked hard and supported each other as a whole class. By the end of term the jar was overflowing with their success and it was time to celebrate with a reward.

In the spirit of democracy, a vote was taken and it was decided that the class would spend their reward time playing with and sharing toys brought in from home. We saw an interesting variety of toys, from puppets to toy cars and of course a whole host of gadgets. Congratulations on all your hard work Hawthorn, keep it up!

The Hawthorn marble jar is once again empty, let’s see if we can fill it by half term….





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