Self isolation

Date: March 13, 2020

By: Mrs Miles

Category: News

Yesterday, the prime minister directed that “anyone with a new, continuous cough or high temperature should self-isolate for seven days”. From today any child who is presenting with these symptoms will be expected to be away from school for seven days and return after that – if the symptoms have passed.

There are three important things to remember:

1. Please do not bring children to school who have these symptoms to ask any other member of the staff team if we think they should be absent. You must make that decision yourself and follow the guidance from the government and its advisers.

2. Please do not bring children back to school early, if they have been self-isolating. We will be keeping a register of children who are doing so and would ask that you return children who are returning from self-isolation via the school office so we can make sure we have completed the guidance given.

3. The school will not be routinely setting work or learning tasks for absent children. We do not expect poorly children to work at home. If the illness is mild and you would like them to do some work please use the internet (such as Our teachers cannot create adhoc packs of work as well as run the classrooms/prepare and mark work at this stage. If significant numbers of children are absent packs of work may well be made available in the future.

Not bearing points 1&2 in mind could lead to a very awkward situation here at the school. We will ensure that the guidance is followed through and need your support in order to make this possible. When you contact the school to let us know your child is poorly – it will help us enormously if you tell us that you are self-isolating. If you don’t and we hear symptoms of ‘persistent-cough’ or ‘high temperature’ – we will direct you to self-isolate. We will then let you know the date we expect the children to return. For any guidance on the virus outbreak and self-isolation then please follow this advice:

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