Understand Fractions using LEGO!!

Date: February 3, 2016

By: Mr Payne

Category: Home Learning, Maths, Parents, Partnership, Reading, Whole School

We have been discussing in school how it is easier for parents to support children with reading at home than maths because reading is a more natural and fluid process.  As long as you listen, sound out words and ask questions to explore understanding it will be helping your child (no matter what their age!!  Please keep this up all the way through primary school…)

Maths is sometimes a little less easy to help with, especially as we understand that many parents have low confidence levels in the subject.   We hope this video may give you some ideas and a little more confidence to use one of the children’s favourite toys to explore Maths.  You don’t have to have an answer – sometimes asking the questions and exploring together is just as much help with learning.  You can find out more ideas about supporting Maths learning with lego ON THIS POST.

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