Night time adventures at school!

Date: February 25, 2013

By: Mrs Bolar

Category: Bay, Dressing Up!, Hazel, Lilac, Phase 2, Reading, School Trip

On a Friday night before half term, at 6.30, screams of laughter and excitement could be heard coming out of Sandford Primary School. If you had dared to investigate, you would have been greeted by children and adults from Phase 2, who had returned to school dressed in their pyjamas and clutching a cuddly toy.



20130213-210215.jpg The topic in Phase 2 this term is ‘ After Dark – Midnight Adventures’ and the children had asked if it was possible to come to school in the dark and compare it with school in the day. The children first went to their classrooms, which were only lit by a few night lights and began to discover how different the school looked and felt in the dark. Next we all went into the hall and watched ‘Night at the Museum’ on the big screen. It was so exciting and great fun to watch a film in our pyjamas, in the school hall and with our friends.





We even had popcorn to munch on and hot chocolate with biscuits. Yummy! Some children got so comfy that they almost fell asleep.
After we had watched the film, it was time for the treasure hunt. Using only our torches we had to search the school and look for a piece of card with a letter on it. There were eight to find and then we had to work out which word the letters made. It was Hedgehog!
Finally we returned to our classrooms and finished the evening with a story read by torch light.


It was such a fun evening and we all had a great time. We can’t wait until we can do it again and perhaps stay over night!!!

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  1. Bev Trenwith says

    February 25, 2013 at 8:56 pm

    Jake was so excited….it’s gonna be up there with his highlighs from his school days when he’s older. Fantastic idea. Now…..when can they sleepover?