Inter-house Pancake Race!

Date: February 26, 2013

By: Mrs Abrahams

Category: Celebration, Competition, Houses, R.E., Whole School

Following an assembly where the children learnt all about Shrove Tuesday and Lent, we decided to hold our own Great Inter-house Pancake Race!

As you know, as part of our move to Primary we have created four Houses named after inspirational people. Every child in the school is now part of a House and all have made a fantastic start to collecting House points. However we felt a large boost of point scoring and House team building was the order of the day!

The weather was fine, the pitch laid out and we had somehow managed to ‘find’ pancakes ready made in school (thank you Suzie!) and frying pans!



Four children from each class were chosen to represent their House and the nine races that followed were enthusiastically cheered by members from every House!




The children were fantastic and supported each other throughout the races. The numbers were tallied and the final outcome has given every House a few more points to add to the scores. The results were- 4th Pankhurst House, 3rd Simmonds House, 2nd Armstrong House and in 1st place Rowling House. Well done everyone and who knows maybe this could become an annual event at Sandford!



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