Parent Questionnaire results

Date: January 14, 2015

By: Paul Beveridge

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Please click the link below to be taken to the collated results of our recent Parental Questionnaire.  Thank you to everyone who returned a response.  You can read all of the ‘open’ answers towards the back of the report.

Click here to view the Parent Questionnaire feedback

One of the key and obvious areas where we could do better is in the way we communicate.  This is a fair criticism and it is something we intend to be much better with.  We included it as a session in our recent INSET day and will be talking more about this in the weeks to come.  As an immediate response, we have taken the following five actions:

  1. You will see that there is now a section in the menu bar above under the ‘Info’ tab, where you can access the recent ‘Letters and Information’.  We will endeavour to post all correspondence on this page so that you can access this information again if you need to for any reason.
  2. You should also now have received a copy of our ‘forthcoming dates’ page that sets out the current plans for activities during the coming term/ half term.  Typically, this list can be out of date fairly quickly after being released, as is already the case…  We will release further updated versions in the future, however the latest version will always be on the ‘Letters and Information’ page if you wish to check – a version updated as of today (14th Jan) is currently there.
  3. There were some comments in the responses about the new routines at the start of the day making it hard to talk to teachers.  We agree that this is a change in our practice, however the result inside school has been a much more purposeful classroom environment at the start of the day and greater focus on the learning beginning more quickly.  We believe that the children’s learning is our priority and so feel that in this respect this has been a positive step.  Where we feel we could make a change is at the end of the day, when you collect your children.  We have made some changes to our practice and encourage you to use this time to change books in book bags, get that piece of lost property you were looking for or ask the class teacher that question you have.  Obviously on some days teachers have meetings to attend or clubs to run and so may be a little busy, however there should always be time for a quick chat if needs be, and always be the opportunity for you to come into school to sort out the book, lunchbox or whatever individual area needs addressing.  We hope that this makes you feel more comfortable or welcome to come in after school and help us to ensure your child has everything they need for their continued learning.
  4. Newsletters.  They are back in the game!  We had a brief halt to these because we believed that the information was available on the website, however due to popular demand we will now be pumping up the printing presses and delivering mini bursts of news in this format again.  Kerching!
  5. Finally for the moment, we now intend to post the same information on Facebook and the Website when it is concerned with admin or information sharing.  There may continue to be different content at times on the sites if it is simply sharing events or activities from within school, however key information will be repeated.

Thank you once again to all those who contributed, we will be updating you with our further progress in the future.  Now then, off to write a Newsletter…!

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